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We'll be working with two files; a png with artwork and an SVG file.
We'll print the png with artwork and
we'll use the SVG to cut and score the printed "png".

Please note that I am sharing what works for me but I do not have any expertise in using cutting machines.

First, start by downloading printables:

Download printables from this page.

(Write down the width of the printable for step 4.)


before we can start:

Print Then Cut Calibration

I recommend you to calibrate your machine for Print Then Cut before you start the print then cut process.

You only need to do this once.

It's easy and worth the time!

Here's how to calibrate it.

Step by step directions:

We'll start by uploading the two files, PNG and SVG.
Then we'll prepare a png printable file for printing,
And lastly, we'll work with the SVG template to cut and score.

STEP 1 - Upload a PNG File with artwork

We'll start by uploading a printable file with artwork.

Launch Cricut Design Space and open Canvas.

1. Click "UPLOAD" on the bottom left panel to add a PNG file to canvas.
Use "COMPLEX" for your image type and then PRINT THEN CUT IMAGE from the "Select Upload Type".

2. Add it to canvas.

Click here for step-by-step directions with screenshots.


Steps for uploading an SVG file are almost the same as steps for uploading png printables.

1. Click "UPLOAD" on the bottom left panel, and then add an SVG file to canvas.

(The SVG file does not have a preview. It will look like a browser logo.)

Click here for step-by-step directions with screenshots.

STEP 3a - Making a Score Line (SVG template)

In this step, we'll be working on the layers panel. You should already see it on the right hand side.
SVG file has 2 layers, the first layer is the cut layer and the second is the score layer.

We'll start with the score layer and change the score lines to be scored and not cut.

1. Click on the score lines of the SVG file on the layers panel.

2. Look in the top left corner of Design Space, where it says "Operation".

3. Click the little arrow by the side of the drop-down menu. Select "SCORE".

STEP 3b - Changing a Cut line to "Print then cut" (SVG template)

The SVG will be used for cutting only; it will not be printed.

We'll change the "Basic cut" to "Print then cut".

1. Click on the cut layer (Basic cut) of the SVG file on the layers panel.

2. Look in the top left corner of Design Space, where it says "Operation". Click the little arrow by the side of the drop-down menu.

3. Select "Print Then Cut".

4. On the layers panel, "ATTACH" the two SVG files into one.

Click on the SVG file name. Then click "ATTACH".

STEP 4 - Re-sizing Printables With Artwork (PNG)

The printable with artwork needs to be larger than the Cut pattern, so we need to type in the correct size.
You can find the width size for each printable here.
Here's a sample screenshot, so you know where to look for this.

Here are the steps how to adjust the size.


First, select the printable with artwork (png file), just click on it on the layers panel.


Look at the top row in Design Space for a SIZE TAB, or if you do not see it, look where it says MORE.


Change the numbers in the width box, then click in the height box or press the enter key on your keyboard; the measurement for height will adjust automatically.

The padlock should be left in the LOCKED position, in order to maintain the correct proportions.

In my example, I changed the width of the box to 7.95".


Double-check if the SVG cut layer and the score layer are attached. (Step 3)

1. Select all files. Click "Select all" in the top row of Design Space.

2. Click "Align".

3. Select "Center" from the drop-down menu.

The printable file should slightly overlap the template. By now, you should see something like this:

4. Move the layer with artwork to the front.

Click the printable with artwork (png file) on the layers panel to select it.

Click "Arrange" in the top row of Design Space and select "Bring to Front".

The printable file with artwork should be on top.

This is the last step :)

STEP 6 - Select Materials and Load Tools

1. Click on Make to continue, it's on the top right.

Mat screen preview

There are two different mats to cut.

We will only print and not cut the PNG file with artwork (Mat 1)
and only cut and score the SVG File (Mat 2).

2. You may need to change the material size from the drop-down menu.
For example, if you are using 8.5" x 11", you'll want to change that from 12" x 12" to 8.5" x 11".

3. Click Continue, it's on the bottom right.

4. Next, we'll print the PNG file with artwork (Mat 1). This file will not be cut.

5. Bleed on

Before we print, Cricut will ask us whether we want the setting "Bleed" on or off. I recommend you to select "Bleed on". Bleed will slightly extend the border, and this will help to eliminate a white margin once the image is cut.

6. Mat 2

After the file is printed, click on Mat 2, Score and Basic Cut Template on the left of the mat preview.

We're not going to print this file. It will only be used for cutting and scoring.

Click on "I've already printed".

3. Select Material and Adjust Cut Pressure

Select Cardstock.

Optional step - Select "More" from the Pressure dropdown menu. It will cut 2 times. Usually, this only needed for intricate cuts.

For Cricut Explore, turn your dial to cardstock on the machine.

If using a Cricut Maker, select Cardstock from the materials list.


Cricut Venture and Cricut Explore machines hold the Scoring Stylus and a cutting blade at the same time, so you can cut and score in one step without changing mats.

For the Maker, click on "Edit Tools" and then select the scoring stylus and press "apply".

4. Load Tools and Mat

Cricut will remind you to load the scoring stylus and blade.

It will start with the scoring wheel.

You should be using a fine point blade to cut cardstock.

Load the mat into the machine.

Press the flashing button to start the score and cut process.

When the cut is finished, unload the mat.

Turn the mat upside down, and peel the mat away from the project.


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