Printables and recipe cards for you to print.
Sample Recipe Card Template

Each individual template works with Microsoft Word
A copy of each template can also be opened in Acrobat Reader.

Please download a sample recipe card template to make
sure you'll be able to work with my templates. Thanks!

  • 4"x6" template
  • 3"x5" template
  • 4"x6" template
  • 3"x5" template

  • Download the recipe card design,
  • open it on a computer,
  • type the recipe,
  • save the recipe to a hard drive,
  • print out the recipe cards on your printer,
  • set the printed recipe cards aside to dry completely,
  • cut out the printed cards.
  • TIP
    Place the cutting mat underneath the printed card stock. Using the X-ACTO knife and the ruler as your guide, trim away the white areas from each card.

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