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How to add photos to scrapbooking layouts in PrintMaster Express?
This is for 8-1/2 by 11" layouts only.

    STEP 1
  1. Start PrintMaster.

  2. If you are not sure where to find it, retrace my steps. (First click on START, then All Programs, find Broderbund, then PrintMaster.)
    STEP 2
  3. Click on Brand New to start a new project.

  4. STEP 3
  5. Select Blank Page and click Next.

  6. STEP 4
  7. Select Tall for portrait paper orientation and click Finish.

  8. STEP 5
  9. Click the Galleries button, then choose Art Gallery from the sub-menu.

  10. STEP 6
  11. The Art Gallery opens.

    You may be prompted to view online galleries, at this point just click no so you can follow directions here.

    Click on File.

    And Import.

  12. STEP 7
  13. Locate an 8-1/2 by 11" scrapbooking layout image, click on the image name and click the Import button.

    On my computer the file I want is in the scrapbooking folder, so I first clicked on scrapbooking folder to open it and then on the image name.

  14. Your first image has been added to the gallery.
    STEP 8
  15. Add more images to the gallery by repeating the steps from 5 - 7.

    Click on File and Import.
    Find your images and click the Import button to add the images to the Art Gallery.
    Repeat this until you have added all of the images and photos.
  16. STEP 9
  17. Add scrapbooking layout from the Gallery onto the blank workspace.

    Click on the scrapbooking layout and on Select button.
  18. Adding photos to scrapbooking layout.
  19. Go back to the Gallery to select photos, like in Step 5.

    Click the Galleries button, then choose Art Gallery from the sub-menu.

    Click on the photo and then on Select button.

    If you want a different photograph that is not yet in the gallery, repeat Step 7.
  20. Resizing photos.
  21. Photograph is already in the PrintMaster Workspace.

    Click on the photo to select it.
    You can tell it's selected because there are tiny handles in each corner and in the middle.

    Now place the mouse pointer over a corner handle.
    The pointer will change into an arrow.

    Drag the handle to make your photo smaller or larger, then release the mouse button.
  22. Rotating photos.
  23. Photograph is already in the PrintMaster Workspace.

    Click on the photo to select it.
    Place the mouse pointer over the Rotation handle, it's a small line in the middle that's hanging out.
    The pointer changes into a Rotation cursor.

    Drag the Rotation handle to a new angle, then release the mouse button.
  24. Sending photos to back
  25. Place the mouse pointer over the photograph, and RIGHT-click.

    Click on layer and Send to Back.
  26. Adding Text
  27. Click the Text icon then choose Add Text Box.

    Place the "crosshair" pointer where you want to add your title, then click the left mouse button and draw a text box.

    Release the mouse button.

    Type in your text.
  28. Formatting Text
  29. Is writing off center? Click on text box to select it and then use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the text box.

    You can also use the alignment icons to center, left or right justify the text.

    Use the Standard Bar to change the font and font size.

    Use the Format menu to change the color of the text, stretch or add shadows to the text, apply drop caps, change the character spacing, format the paragraph, or insert symbols or dates.
  30. Final Steps
  31. Click the Save button to save your project.

  32. Click the File and Print to print your project.

Undo the last step of whatever you did by pressing CTRL + letter Z on the keyboard.



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