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Summertime Bears


Artwork used is by Trina Clark at digiscrapkits. Thanks!

This set contains:
- 1 Small Square Box with Bear,
- 1 Miniature Candy Bar Wrapper,
- 1 - 1.55 Open End Style Candy Bar Wrapper,
- 1 KitKat Snack-size Bar Wrapper,
- 1 Wrapper for Microwave Popcorn,
- 1 Miniature Microwave Popcorn Bag,
- 1 Cookie Box,
- 1 Cookie Bag,
- 1 Tea Bag Envelope,
- 1 Coffee Pocket,
- 1 Sucker Cover,
- 1 Holder for Gift Cards,
- 1 Small Purse,
- 2-inch cupcake toppers,
- 1 Cupcake wrapper,
- 1 Money Holder with Coupons,
- 1 Medium Gift Bag.

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All .png and e-book files as 8.5" x 11" letter sized file.

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