3" Cupcake Box with a Lid:
Fits standard size liners, 2 in. diameter.
(or any other small gift - )

  • Cut out along all pattern pieces.
  • Fold along all tab lines and sides.

  • Lay the box base out flat printed side up.
  • Glue the small side flap to the base of the box.

  • Apply glue to four glue tabs.

    Cupcake holder
  • Cut out the white circle area.
  • Fold down flaps to make a stand.
  • Place inside the box.

    Make a cut out window so that the cupcake or another gift can be seen through the window.

  • Cut out the white area on the box top.
  • Apply glue all around the edge on the unprinted side.
  • Cut out a 2 1/2" by 2 1/2" square from a transparency sheet or cellophane, etc.
  • Attach the square on the inside of the box top.
  • Press firmly.

  • The best way to cut without a craft knife is to use cuticle scissors with blades closed, poke a hole, then open the scissors and cut an opening.