• Cut all pieces. Fold all the interior lines of the box.

  • Cut out all areas shown in red, I use an X-acto knife.

  • Line all patterns as shown below.

  • Glue side tabs, and attach them to the other end of the pattern pieces, forming a box. (shown in green, see above)

  • Samples

    Inside print.
    If you want a decorated inside, just put the same piece of paper through the printer twice:
    The first time through it prints on the inside (background) and
    the second time through it prints on the front side (pattern - box, bag, etc.) of the page.

    First, print out the background - SIDE A.
    Put the paper in the lower (IN) tray.
    Make sure there's no paper in the upper (OUT) tray.
    Put the printed page- SIDE A - back in the lower (IN) tray of the printer and print the B side out - B side would be anything with the pattern, a gift bag, box...