How to download and open ZIP files using 7-ZIP on Vista

    You will need WinZip, or a similar utility to unpack the goodies from the Zip files.

    Windows Vista comes with an unzipping tool but sometimes you just cannot open the files using it. And then you need an unzipping program. I recommend you to use a free program called 7-Zip.
    (I am not affiliated with 7-Zip.)

    7-Zip is free, without any ads and totally safe. They don't even ask you for an email or anything to download their program. It's an open source software created by volunteers who are committed to making essential computer programs for free and accessible to all people.

    First, you'll need to download this program, it's a tiny download so it will not take long to download. Then you'll need to install it to your computer and then you're all set to open files via 7-zip.
    Click here for directions on how to unzip, if you want to skip the downloading part.

    Download and Install 7-ZIP in 7 steps:
    1. Go to their website at and click on the first link DOWNLOAD:

    2. This link will take you to a download page. Click on the "direct link" to start downloading 7-zip program to your computer.

    3. You will be asked if you want to save or run this download.
    I usually choose RUN to save myself a step.

    4. Then you may see a security warning depending on your security settings.

    It is safe to discard this message and continue because 7-zip is from a trusted source.

    5. You may be asked to if you want to allow this program to run, click Allow.

    6. Click Install to begin the installation.

    7. Click finish.

    The installation is complete and the program is now ready for use.


    STEP 1 First, click on a "download link" to download a compressed file to your computer.
    This opens a new window "File Download".

    (If no zip file is at hand,
    click here for my samples.)

  1. Click the "SAVE" button.

  2. While the file is downloading uncheck the "Close this dialog box...".
    Please make sure you do this, or the download box will close by itself and you'll have to search for it.

  3. Depending on your Internet connection this may take some time.

    STEP 3
  4. When this download is complete click the OPEN FOLDER button.

  5. Your downloaded file should now open in a new Explorer Window or whatever it's called. .
    RIGHT-CLICK on the file you downloaded and click on 7-ZIP. The menu will expand to the right, giving you more options.
    Select on of the EXTRACT TO option.

    EXTRACT TO, the 4th option, saves files into separate folders.

  6. All files from the ZIP files are now unpacked and saved to your computer:

    If you open the folder, you'll see several files inside:

    You can now delete the ZIP file.

    How to Find Downloaded Files?

    To find downloads, click on MY COMPUTER.
    Find the folder with your Computer's name and click on it. This will open a list of file folders, find the DOWNLOADS folder and open it. Downloads folder contains the files that were unpacked earlier.







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