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Santa Claus Wrappers


This set contains: - 2 Open End Wrappers - 1.55 oz,
- 2 Closed End Wrappers - 1.55 oz,
- 1 Open Candy Bar Packet,
(Fits 2 reg. Hershey bars and a bookmark.)
- 1 Candy bar Box,
(Fits 8 Hershey minis, in two layers)
- 1 Giant Bar Wrapper - 8 oz,
- 1 Microwave Popcorn Wrapper,
- 1 Mini Popcorn Wrapper - 1.6 oz,

Printable e-book is also included.

All pages are pre-configured to print out perfectly. Several pages are editable allowing you to type your personalized message. Simply delete the portion where editable text appears and type your own.
You will need Acrobat Reader to use my E-book.

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