PDF Printables (E-book)


Required Software

You will need one of the following: the latest version of Acrobat Reader,
or Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Web Browser.

How to Type on Printables

Click on a blue box or where my text is, delete it and start typing your sentiments.

Font styles cannot be changed. Font size is automatically resized wherever possible.

Several pages are editable allowing you to personalize printables
with names and sentiments of your choice.

How to Save Printables with your text

In Google Chrome click the DOWNLOAD icon on the top right.

Click here to see a screenshot.

Next, select and option "WITH YOUR CHANGES" and click Save.

Click here to see a screenshot.

In Microsoft Edge click the SAVE AS icon and click Save.

Click here to see a screenshot.

In Acrobat Reader click FILE, then SAVE AS and click Save.

Click here to see a screenshot.

How to Print

You can print PDF files in Acrobat Reader or in your web browser,
such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Printing at Actual size (100%)

I recommend you to change your default print settings to Actual size.
This means that a printable will print out at the correct size.

Your default print settings are probably set to "Fit to page", "shrink to fit", etc.
These settings all work just fine for most printables,
except for standard candy bar wrappers, 2 and 3 inch tags, labels, recipe cards
and anything else where the printed size is important.

For example, if you print the candy bar wrapper at "Shrink to fit",
your printed wrapper will be too small and it will not fit around the candy bar.

Here's how to print at Actual size:

How to Print Full Page Size
When borderless is selected, a Printer will Fill the Whole Page without a white border.
It is recommended for printing the following:

  • calendar
  • planner
  • stationery

  • How to Reduce Page Margins
    This is recommended if one side of the printable is getting cut off during printing.

    Not all printers can print borderless, but almost all can print with minimum margins, and minimum margins really maximize the print space.

    Reducing the margins also helps, if the bottom of the page is cut off or the top margin of the page is too large.

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