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Blank Templates 2

This printables kit contains lots of blank templates shown below:

Designed at 300 ppi in PNG and JPEG file formats.

These types of graphics will be useful to you if you use a graphic program like Paint Shop Pro, Print Master and other graphics programs.

The PNG format holds a transparency and does not have a white box around it. So you can drag and drop your backgrounds behind the template. Saving this format over and over doesn't degrade its quality at all. Please check if your graphic program supports this format.
The JPG format is more standard and widely accepted. Graphics are surrounded with white background and not transparent. Over time jpg images tend to loose their clarity and sharpness. E-book with almost all templates is also included.

Click for sample .PNG graphic (Small box).

Click for sample .JPG graphic (Small box).

Click for an ebook sample (Small box).

Terms of Use
Printed templates may be used for personal or commercial use.

Blank templates may not be given away freely and may not be sold as they are now.
Once you decorate a template with clipart/backgrounds, you can use the "result" for personal or business use.

You most definitely may create samples and if used in moderation, you may offer actual printable samples so your customers can get a flavor of your products .


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