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Resizing images in PSP

Learn how to resize their images and retain the clarity.

Let's decorate a regular sized candy bar wrapper.

Click here to download a closed end wrapper template.

(Right click on the large graphic that will open in a new window and select "Save Picture As" or "Save as", remember where you'll save this graphic to.)

- Start PSP and open the wrapper template. Also open clipart of your choice.

- Click on the clipart image, and copy it.

Go to edit and select copy.
(Or hold down CTRL + C on your keyboard.)

- Paste the copied image onto the wrapper.

(Or hold down CTRL + L on your keyboard.)
Go to edit and select paste as a new layer.

- To change the image size, choose Image Resize.

Go to Image and select Resize.

(Or hold down CTRL + S on your keyboard.)

- The Resize dialog box appears.

I use the following settings:
Size: image size is decreased by 50%.

Print size: didn't change anything.

SMART SIZE is selected.

Make sure that the Resample using "SMART SIZE" is checked.

Resize All Layers is also unmarked.

When all is set, click OK.

You can use the settings of your choice, just make sure you're using the Smart Resize and that you uncheck the Resize All Layers if it's selected.

I also always add a slight sharpening effect by applying the unsharp filter because after resizing an image seems to lose some clarity.

Go to Adjust (or Effects), select Sharpen and then Unsharp Mask.

These are the settings I usually use:

Radius: 29
Strength: 31
Clipping: 4

Repeat all steps to add other clipart images.

Place the image where you want it.
Did you know that you can move images by using arrow keys on the keyboard??

It's easy; just click on the image you want to move,
then hold down the CTRL key or SHIFT key and press an arrow key once or more until the image is where you want it.

To move an image for a tiny little bit, press an arrow key only.

Decorate the background and the wrapper is completed.

If you need help, please contact me.
Thank you.

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