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In this tutorial you will learn how to use the flood fill/paint bucket tool.

First, save a background tile to your computer.
So you have a sample to work with.

    - Start PSP.

    - Open any of the tile patterns you wish to use.
    - Click on NEW to create a new image.

    - This opens a "New image" window.
    To add the background to an entire page, use the following tings:
    width: 8.5"; height: 11"; Resolution 197; Raster Background; 16 Bit color depth.

    - Click OK.

    - Click on the "Flood Fill" tool.

    - Go to the material pallette and click on the foreground color.
    (click on the box with a pattern)

    - A menu pops up. There are three tabs at the top Color, Gradient, and Pattern. Choose Pattern.
    - Then click on the box with the pattern shown and all your opened patterns will appear.

    - After you find the one you want to use, click on it.

    - Make the pattern smaller by scaling it down to 40.
    (You can make it larger or smaller.)
    Click on the OK button.

    - And finally, place your flood fill tool on the blank page and click.

    - Save your image.



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