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Easter Basket, Printables

Most samples are shown.

Included in kit:

1 Packet for Cocoa Mixes, 1 Cookie bag, 1 Packet for Tea Bags, 1 Seeds Packet, 1 Miniature Candy Bar Wrapper, 1 Mini Microwave Popcorn Bag, 1 Microwave Popcorn Wrapper, 1 1.55 Open End Style Candy Bar Wrapper, 1 Small Bakery Box.

1 Small Bag topper (4 inches wide), 1 Bookmark, 1 Full Page Print, 1 Half-Page Print, 1 mini card, 1"mini" cards, large size, 1 full page stationery sheet,

1 Egg Holder (Napkin Holder) Ring, 1 Easter Basket, egg shaped, 1 Mini Pack Tissue Holder,

1 Inside Print,
1 Cupcake Box.
Grand Total: printables kit contains 39 pdf files.
Grand Total: printables kit contains 42 .jpg files.

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