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How to download and open ZIP files

How to download and open ZIP files

    You will need WinZip, or a similar utility to unpack Zip files.
    If you do not have an unzipping program, download a free unzipping program called 7-Zip.

    7-Zip is free, without any ads and totally safe. They don't even ask you for an email or anything.
    It's an open source software created by volunteers who are comitted to making
    essential computer programs for free and accessible to all people.

    Please note - I am not affiliated with 7-Zip.

    1. Go to their website at and click on the first link:

    2. This link will take you to a download page.
    A download may start immediately but if you see something similar
    to my screenshot below, click on the "direct link" to start this download.
    Click here for a sample.

    3. You will be asked if you want to save this or run this download.
    I usually choose RUN to save myself a step.

    4. Then you may see a security warning, I use Northon to protect my computer and this is what I get:

    It is safe to discard this message and continue.

    5. Then you'll be asked to choose where to install this program. It's best you use their default tings so all files will get into correct folders.
    Click install.

    6. Click finish.

    STEP 1 First, click on a "download link" to download a compressed file to your computer.
    This opens a new window "File Download".

    Directions shown are both for Win Zip and 7Zip users.

    - Click the "SAVE" button.


    You may get an alert that the file you're about to download may harm your computer. I assure you that any of the files you download from my site will not harm your computer in any way.

    STEP 2
    Next you should see a "SAVE AS" window.
    - Click the "SAVE" button.

    - While the file is downloading uncheck the "Close this dialog box...".
    Please make sure you do this, or the download box will close by itself and you'll have to search for it.

    Depending on your Internet connection this may take some time.

    STEP 3
    - When this download is complete click the OPEN button.

    - In the window that opens, click Extract.

    - Select the folder where you wish to place the files and click "Extract"

    Create a new folder, or use an existing one. Make a note of where the images will be saved to so you can find them later.

    The Winzip program will unpack the chosen files into your selected folder. If you have problems downloading, please let me know and I'll email you your order.

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