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How To Clear Out the Temporary Internet Files?

Deleting temporary Internet files, cookies, and browsing history of your Internet browser regularly will keep your browser optimized for best performance.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8:

- Open Internet Explorer 8
- Click Tools
- Click Clear Browsing History (or push Ctrl+Shift+Delete)

- Select Temporary Internet Files
- Select Cookies
- Select History
- Click Delete

In Internet Explorer 7, click Tools, click Delete Browsing History, then select Delete All.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 / 3.6:

- Click the Tools menu
- Click Clear Recent History
- Choose the time range you would like to clear (example: Everything)
- Click Details to make sure Cache is checked
- Select Clear Now

Mozilla Firefox 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0:

- Click Tools
- Select Options
- Go to the Privacy tab, select the tings button
- Make sure Cache is checked
- Click OK, click Clear Now

Google Chrome:

- Open Google Chrome

- Click Tools
- Select Options
- Click the Under the Hood tab
- Click Clear Browsing Data
- Select the Empty the Cache check box
- Select the Clear Browsing History check box
- Select the Delete Cookies check box
- Click the Clear Browsing Data button


- For Mac OS, click the Safari menu, then click Empty Cache
- For Windows, open Safari, click Edit, select Empty Cache, click Empty


- Open Opera
- Click Tools
- Click Delete Private Data
- Click the Details button
- Place check marks next to browsing history, cookies etc.
- Click Delete

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