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All samples are shown.

This set is a version of the School Daze 4 .

This set contains:
- 1 note card with co-ordinating insert and envelope (With and without text),
- 1 Letter size Stationery sheet,
- 1 TeaBag Pocket (With and without text),
- 1 Pocket for Coffee Singles (With and without text),
- 1 Packet for Hot Chocolate Mix,
- 1 Microwave Popcorn Wrapper,
- 1 Mini Wrapper for mini Hershey's,
- 1 - 1.55 oz Candy Bar Wrapper (open end),
- 1 Pillow Box - holds 5-6 wrapped mini Hershey's,
- 1 Cookie Bag,
- 1 Cupcake Box,
- 1 Small Purse (holds 1 pad of 3-inch sticky notes),
- 1 Cupcake Box,
- 1 Weekly Planner - 2 pages,
- 1 Monthly Planner,
- 1 Gift Bag.

- Grand Total: 26 graphics
Printable e-book is also included.
- E-BOOK: 24 pages

All pages are pre-configured to print out perfectly. Several pages are editable allowing you to type your personalized message. Simply delete the portion where editable text appears and type your own.
You will need Acrobat Reader to use my E-book.

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