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Threads of friendship

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Included in kit:

2 Bag toppers (Stitcher's Emergency Kitand Crafter's First Aid Kit); Here are some ideas about what you could use for the "emergency kit": fabric clips, needles, mini seam ripper, needle threaders, empty bobbin, bobbin with thread, duct tape, safety pins, paper clips etc..., 1 Bookmark, heart shaped notes, tea bag envelopes, Heart shaped pocket (It holds coffee singles, tea bag envelopes.), Heart gift tags, 1 co-ordinating insert for half page notecards and an Envelope. 1 Miniature Candy Bar Wrapper, 1 large card,
1 Half-Page Print, 1 Inside print.

1 Bakery Box, 1 Bon Bon Box (for Hershey's Kisses), 1 1.55 Open End Style Candy Bar Wrapper, 1 Cookie Bag, 1 Coffee Holder, 2" Cupcake Toppers, 1 Half Fold Note Card.

Grand Total: printables kit contains 39 pdf files.
Grand Total: printables kit contains 42 .png files.

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