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Easter Nugget Wrappers, Bag Toppers and Trays

You will need:

- Hershey Milk Chocolate Nuggets (3 or 6 per kit)

- Pretzel Stick Sized Cello Bags (2.5" x 10" or 2.25" x 9.75")
(you can find Pretzel Bags at any craft store in the cake decorating section)
It all fits perfectly into a "pretzel stick" cello bag but you'll have to trim down the bags.

- Stapler, Tape, Glue Stick and Paper Trimmer or Scissors.

1. Wrappers

Print and trim each piece.

Print out wrappers on light-weight paper, printer paper is just fine.
And please make sure you use card stock for bag toppers and candy trays.

Tape the wrappers around the nuggets.

2. Trays

Nugget Word Wrappers will hold 3 or 6 Wrapped Nuggets.

1. Trim then fold along the lines on each edge to create the sides.

2. Run a glue stick down the middle of the tray.

3. Line your wrapped nuggets down.

3. Bag Toppers

Take a pretzel bag and slid your tray with nuggets down.

Fold the bag topper in the middle and place it over the cello bag.
Secure with a staple.

Grand Total: This kit contains 12 .pdf files.
Grand Total: This kit contains 12 .png files

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