How to add text to printables in MS Word?
In this tutorial I will show you how to import, resize and add text to graphics.

The tutorial is divided into three parts:
  1. How to Insert images?
  2. How to Re-size images?
  3. How to Add text?

Have graphics ready.

You can download my sample by clicking here. Right click on it and click on the "Save picture as"

to save the graphic to your computer. Remember where you are saving it to, you'll need to know this when you open this graphic a little later.

    Let's start!

  1. Start Microsoft Word. Click on the Start Button, move the mouse up to the Programs and to Microsoft Word. Click on it.

  2. Click the New Document button to start a new blank page.

  3. Click on Insert, highlight Picture and From file.

  4. Next browse to the folder that contains the image (teabag envelope) that we saved earlier.

  5. Click on the drop down arrow in the "Look In" box to find the folder with your images.

    When you find the image you are looking for highlight it and click INSERT or IMPORT button.

    You should now see the graphic.

      All of my graphics should be printed "as is" as sizing is all preconfigured, but if you wish to print at a smaller or larger size, try these steps.

    1. (Graphics from Step 1 should already be imported to a blank page.)

      Start by selecting the graphic. Simply, click on it with the mouse pointer. You'll know it's selected when a border with square dots (called sizing handles) appears around the image. Like on my sample above.

      With the teabag selected, right click on it. You'll get a little "pop up" menu, such as the one shown above.

      Select "FORMAT PICTURE". And the Format picture menu will appear.

      Click on the SIZE tab.
      Change the height and width in the boxes marked and click OK to confirm your changes.

      Lock aspect ratio should always be checked. So that all your graphics will always be proportionally resized.


      (Graphics from Step 1 should already be imported to a blank page.)

    1. Graphic should be UNSELECTED, without the sizing dots and the border. If you're unsure in what state your graphic is in, just click on the white page area, where there are no graphics or text.

    2. Click on Insert and highlight Text Box.

    3. You may get "Create your drawing here" box. Don't worry, use the scrollbars to slide up to your graphic.

      The mouse cursor will turn into a "cross."

    4. Place the mouse cursor on the left hand side (or where you want your text to appear), hold the left mouse button and drag the text box to fit the graphic.


    6. Click on Format and highlight Text Box.

    7. Select the Colors and Lines tab.
    8. Select "No Fill" to remove the background color and "No Line" to remove the text box border.


    10. Type your text inside the text box.

    11. You can further resize the text box if needed. Click on the text frame, or on your text, and drag the sizing handle until the item is the size you want; on my sample the sizing handles are marked by arrows.

      Save your work - FILE - SAVE AS and type in the name of the document
      and finally print out the teabag.